Complicated Email Marketing Websites? No, we do simple and easy to use, we want you to know the power at your fingertips not need a degree before you can use the interface. Simple, Straight forward and intuitive web interface so that all you have to do is get your Email Marketing campaigns working for you.


We work on a totally flexible basis. Either buy your credits on a Pay As You Go basis and when your spent up you purchase more or (for better rates) go for a monthly invoice and every month we automatically reload your account. Email Marketing to power your Business the Flexible. For more your flexible Email Marketing visit our Pricing Pages.


Email Marketing, if used correctly can be a very powerful string to your marketing bow. Rake Mail Email Marketing software comes with detailed analysis of each email you send, providing direct data to how well your email marketing campaigns are doing and a powerful advantage into what your customers want!

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Through using email marketing UK firms are still reaping great results

It’s official: by using email marketing UK companies of great numbers are continuing to cost-effectively spread the word about what they have to offer. That’s the message sent out by the most recent data compiled by E consultancy for the Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, which has indicated that at least…