Why email marketing can help your company to improve its offering

You might think that you know what the main purpose of email marketing is: to get the word out about your company and its products and/or services to help to ensure that many of the right types of people hear about the company and its products and/or services and so are encouraged to buy from the company. However, there is at least one other very useful purpose that email marketing can serve: it can help your company to collect valuable customer feedback and so discern how it can improve its offering. Here’s why…

Why email marketing can help in encouraging customer feedback

Customers are obviously vital to a business; indeed, if a business had no customers, it would seriously struggle to continue to even exist. Hence, it is important that a business knows what its customers think of it and its products and/or services to ensure that the business can discern how it can improve its offering to encourage such customers to buy from the business again.

One big obstacle for many businesses to their effective collection of customer feedback, however, is that customers can often be reluctant to be completely honest about what they think of the business when speaking to people from the business face-to-face. Crucially, though, such customers often feel more comfortable being more honest about their opinions of the company when communicating to people from the business through email.

What all of this means is that…

… many businesses should seek to use email marketing to ask their customers for feedback on the business and its products and/or services. In doing so, they should be careful to ask their customers the right questions, though not too many of them; asking too many questions could deter the customers from fully answering them.


Techniques for Email Marketing UK companies should avoid

Email marketing can be a very effective method of promoting a company and its products and/or services, but only when it is used in very particular ways. Many companies might be naive about exactly what these ways are, but one of the best manners in which they can discern what those ways are is by discerning, well, what they aren’t. So, without further ado, here is a list of just two of the techniques for email marketing UK companies should, in their droves, endeavour to avoid.

Using broken dynamic tags in email marketing UK campaigns

Dynamic tags, used well in email marketing UK campaigns, can help many companies throughout the country to establish healthy relationships with potential customers by addressing customers by their first names and even sometimes referring to customers’ companies by their names. However, if the dynamic tags used in email marketing UK campaigns are broken and so appear in forms like ‘FirstName’ and ‘CompanyName’, this can lead many people who receive the emails sent as part of the campaigns to unfavourably view the companies being promoted. Hence, companies using dynamic tags as part of email marketing UK campaigns should routinely send test emails to ensure that the tags are not broken before starting any such campaigns.

Failing to effectively optimise email marketing UK campaigns for mobile devices

There are currently millions of mobile devices being used throughout the country; furthermore, it is anticipated that, by 2014, worldwide the Internet will be used more commonly through mobile devices than desktop computers. Hence, any company that fails to effectively optimise its email marketing UK campaigns for mobile devices could be needlessly shooting itself in the foot with regard to its promotional efforts. Indeed, learning how to so optimise such campaigns now will save many companies having to do so later.

How your email marketing campaigns can be effectively optimised for mobile devices

Emails for Mobile DevicesOne statistic that hasn’t been attracting nearly as much attention as it should be is that nearly half of all marketing emails are now being read on mobile devices. This means that, when you send an email marketing campaign with the help of the easy-to-use email marketing services from Rake Mail, the marketing emails sent will be commonly read on smartphones, like iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. Hence, you should be careful to optimise any email marketing campaigns for mobile devices – and, thankfully, here at Rake Mail, we can educate you on two particular ways in which you can.

Consider image sizes

You should consider, for example, that download speeds are slower on mobile devices. Hence, you don’t want your marketing emails to include images that would take a long time to load on such devices, as having to wait for such images to load could deter people viewing your emails on mobile devices from waiting to see what your emails have to say. Hence, make sure that any images that you do include in your marketing emails are sufficiently small but not hugely sacrificed in quality.

Use responsive email designs

Many emails might not display well on mobile devices; indeed, many email designs might be too wide to view fully on such devices without any pinching or zooming. Such designs therefore could deter your potential customers from reading your marketing emails. Hence, you should use responsive email designs in your email marketing campaigns. Such designs automatically adjust to the viewer’s screen size and thus the use of them for the emails sent as part of your email marketing campaign would ensure that these emails could be viewed just as well on mobile devices as on desktop and laptop computers.

Five rules for email marketing UK musicians could benefit from

Among recently published books is one written by David Hooper called Six-Figure Musician, which pledges to teach musicians how they can sell more music, attract more people to their shows and make more money in the music business. However, what particularly caught our eye in the free PDF version of the book were five rules for email marketing UK musicians could hugely benefit from. These rules, along with the email marketing UK services on offer from Rake Mail, could certainly help many musicians across the country to further spread the word about their music.

Those rules in full

If you are a UK musician, then there is certainly plenty more advice in the book that could help you to promote your music and further your music career. However, before you rush out to buy a copy of the book, here is a run-down of the aforementioned five email marketing rules to give you an idea of what kind of thing to expect in the rest of the book.

The first of these rules is that, if someone didn’t sign up for your email mailing UK list, don’t put him or her on it. The second rule states that, if someone lives more than 50 miles away from the gig that you’re promoting, assume they don’t care. The third rule is that, if you are playing a weekly gig, you don’t need to let people know every week.

Rake Mail can help

Crucially, the fourth and fifth rules are that, respectively, you must have a one-click unsubscribe option and you must use a reliable, third party mailing list service. Thankfully, you can follow both of these particular rules with great ease thanks to the comprehensive and reliable email marketing UK services available from the highly regarded email marketing UK company Rake Mail.


Email Marketing UK – it’s all in the statistics

An introduction to the statistics and reporting features of Rake Mail software

Email Marketing Statisics

Email Marketing Statisics

You may have heard of many of the advantages of email marketing UK, and the fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are interested in using our leading software here at Rake Mail to increase the results that you get from your online marketing campaign. But with so many features to look at, you might appreciate us shedding some light on just one aspect of our software… the statistics and reporting side.

In the past, you might have invested all of that money and time into a traditional mail shot, only to have no real idea whether it was working. Sure, you might have noticed an upturn in your sales shortly after your campaign, but for all you knew, it could have been a certain special offer or discount that did the trick… or maybe it was just a time of year when an upshot in demand tends to occur. Nor could you determine how many people even opened your letter, or whether a non-sale could be attributed to poor targeting of prospective customers or perhaps some other reason, such as writing that failed to adequately communicate what your company had to offer.

Remove the mystery!

Thankfully, things aren’t as desperate when you choose Rake Mail software for your email marketing UK. That’s because our full range of statistics and reporting features include email open reporting, which tells you how many people received and then opened your email, while link click tracking allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your email links. Other features include Google Analytics integration, which makes you fully aware of your marketing campaign’s visits, goals and eCommerce conversions.

Those are just a few of the statistics and reporting features that we explain in more detail on our Rake Mail Marketing Features page – so why not take a look yourself to see just how much more effective your email marketing campaign could be?


Make your Email Marketing Efforts Count

Is email marketing right for your business?

Email Marketing Staffordshire

Email Marketing that works

If you’re one of those business owners who have heard of email marketing but have always dismissed it as ‘spam’, then you may be missing out on a potentially very powerful way of attracting new customers and engaging old ones. However, even we wouldn’t pretend that sending out mass emails is something that is always effective, which is why there are certain factors that you will need to consider.

For one thing, don’t presume that email is now ‘old hat’ and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have now completely taken over. The truth is that people still continue to use email heavily for work and play, and there’s no reason why you can’t cost-effectively combine email marketing with a social media marketing campaign for maximum coverage. Remember that with the emergence of smartphones and tablet computers, people are even constantly checking their emails ‘on the move’, so that potential target audience remains as captive as it has ever been.

Make your emails worth sending!

However, there are still ways of falling into the ‘spam’ trap that you will be eager to avoid – not least because you won’t want your company to attract an unfortunate reputation as one that fills up people’s inboxes with poor quality and cynical advertising. That’s why you really should make sure that your emails are at least being sent to people who are likely to appreciate them. Consider the people who are most likely to need your products or services, and give your online visitors a quick and easy way of signing up to receive your newsletters.

It’s also really important to consider what worthwhile content can be included in the emails that you send out. To build your company’s authority in its field, it’s a great help if there are constantly new and exciting developments happening in your industry. If not, you may still be able to provide periodic tips and tricks that are linked to something topical – but tread carefully.

Vital tips to bear in mind about your email marketing

Vital things to bear in mind about your email marketing campaign

So, you’ve invested in our renowned email marketing software package here at Rake Mail, and you have seemingly every feature you need in order to not only sell, but sell in big numbers. Does this, however, guarantee success as soon as you start sending out those emails? The answer is definitely not, because there’s so much else left to do where you can really make the difference.

Even before you start writing, consider how many emails you will be sending out, and of what nature. Rest assured that you’d be better off sending out 100 emails that have been tailored to individual customers, than 1,000 emails that are completely generic, and that just imply that you are seeking maximum sales for hardly any effort.

Useful email writing tips

When you come to write the email, spend plenty of time figuring out a really effective subject line, as this has a huge influence on whether people simply delete your email at first glance, or actually give it a closer look – and with Rake Mail’s email open reporting feature, you’ll know for sure whether they did or didn’t.

Indeed, the sheer immediacy of email is incredibly important to remember as you are crafting its text, as you only have seconds in which to grab the prospective customer’s attention. The length and structure of the email are also key – don’t write more than 400-500 words, but keep those main elements, such as an introduction, central paragraph and conclusion, in place so that it’s all still easy to read. Don’t forget to include a link to a more detailed page at the end of your email, as it’s those potential customers that have reached the end of your text that are especially likely to want to investigate further.

Build momentum, make the email exciting and state from the beginning what exactly you are offering, in keeping with the immediate nature of this format. There’s no need to frustrate your readers!

Communicate directly with your market – be a problem solver

Are you writing your emails the best way?

Email Target

We’d like to think, here at Rake Mail, that we provide a software package for email marketing UK that takes so much of the stress out of creating, sending and tracking marketing emails. However, even with the extensive functionality that our software can boast, succeeding in capturing your target audience’s attention still depends very much on crafting an email that they are actually likely to respond to.

This isn’t something that many companies in some industries are very good at, so it helps to at least learn some basic rules of thumb. First of all, spelling and grammatical errors are a no-no, as they really chip away at the professional image that your products or services have hopefully created. Secondly, consider the exact tone of your email. Is it too serious for your target audience, or might it even be too frivolous, with strained and ill-advised attempts at humour?

Communicate directly – be a problem solver!

In an age in which there are more online and offline distractions than ever for your prospective customers, if your email is not to be a waste of time, it’ll need to be incredibly precise in addressing your recipients, giving clear directions on what their problems may be and how your products or services can solve them. This needs to be the case from the subject line, right through to headings, the main text and the end of your email, so that it does not simply get deleted as ‘spam’.

Remember, it’s all about your potential customers and their needs… not you, the success of the company to date or even trying to sell your product or service immediately. Instead, be your recipient’s friend, providing genuinely useful and relevant content to build your firm’s reputation as an industry authority.

Use bullet points, short sentences, conveniently-placed links and more as part of the writing process for your email marketing UK campaign… and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit!

Compare Email Marketing UK

How does email marketing UK compare to other ways of promoting your online business?

Email Marketing UK

When you are considering ways of building your online company’s reputation and increasing visitors and revenue, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by all of the options, not to mention the somewhat outlandish claims that are often made by search engine optimisation and online marketing agencies. How can you be sure that you have chosen the right methods for getting the word out about your business?

Those ‘options’ are likely to include everything from SEO copywriting and link building to social media marketing and, of course, email marketing UK. One thing that it is really important for an online marketing novice to appreciate, however, is that all of these methods are very much inter-related, with the best companies routinely combining many of them into one coherent and cost-effective publicity campaign.

The value of email marketing UK to your firm

Email marketing has long been a great way of quickly, easily and inexpensively sending out information that you might have once sent out in a letter instead. Unlike traditional mail shots, however, email marketing allows you to gain more precise feedback, sooner – not least when you choose Rake Mail’s very own software package that includes various statistics and reporting features.

Some people might think that social media marketing has overtaken email marketing in importance, but our email accounts are still central to our lives, which makes using email to market products just as relevant and effective as ever. You really don’t need to discriminate between this kind of marketing and the others that we have mentioned above, and indeed, expertise in one may be of great benefit to the other. Maybe, for example, you could get the SEO copywriter who is presently working on your main company website to also craft some really impactful emails, ensuring vital continuity in tone and the message that is conveyed?

It’s all possible when you take advantage of Rake Mail’s highly rated software package for mass promotional emailing.


The Benefits of Rake Mail’s Email Marketing Services

Though many businesses are naturally attracted to the prospect of engaging in a thorough marketing campaign in order to enhance their visibility and, therefore, encourage further sales, there remain risks with marketing. Indeed, not only can a marketing campaign, especially a large scale one, be costly, there is never any guarantee of it amassing any financial return for the business running it. In this situation, companies are recommended to resort to inexpensive but commonly reliable marketing techniques – and they can use one type of such techniques with the assistance of the email marketing services available from Rake Mail.

Indeed, there are many strong incentives for businesses to use these particular marketing services offered by Rake Mail. For one, these services are affordable to a wide range of businesses, which ensures that many businesses need not have any pressing financial concerns when using them. This affordability is particularly useful for helping to minimise any financial risk with using these services, which ensures that many businesses can have great confidence and peace of mind when using them.

Secondly, these services are wonderfully easy to use. All that is required to use them is basic computing knowledge, a list of email addresses and Rake Mail’s email marketing software; with these, it is possible to create, send and track an email-based marketing campaign for the first time within a mere 15 minutes. Great effort and creativity on the part of a business owner using such a marketing campaign can assist that person in encouraging even further sales revenue for their business. If you run a business and are interested in learning more about these marketing services available from Rake Mail, don’t be afraid to contact us by post, phone, fax or the online form available on our website.