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November, 2012

Vital tips to bear in mind about your email marketing

Vital things to bear in mind about your email marketing campaign So, you’ve invested in our renowned email marketing software package here at Rake Mail, and you have seemingly every feature you need in order to not only sell, but sell in big numbers. Does this, however, guarantee success as soon as you start sending out those […]

Communicate directly with your market – be a problem solver

Are you writing your emails the best way? We’d like to think, here at Rake Mail, that we provide a software package for email marketing UK that takes so much of the stress out of creating, sending and tracking marketing emails. However, even with the extensive functionality that our software can boast, succeeding in capturing […]

Compare Email Marketing UK

How does email marketing UK compare to other ways of promoting your online business? When you are considering ways of building your online company’s reputation and increasing visitors and revenue, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by all of the options, not to mention the somewhat outlandish claims that are often made by search engine optimisation […]