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Email Marketing

Using email marketing UK mobile operator EE could spread its ‘inspiring’ message

The UK mobile network operator EE recently revealed its plans to adopt a more proactive social marketing strategy aimed at “inspiring” more people to take up its much-publicised 4G mobile Internet services. It should hardly be surprising that the company wish to create a marketing campaign that is at least a little bit special, given […]

Through using email marketing UK firms are still reaping great results

It’s official: by using email marketing UK companies of great numbers are continuing to cost-effectively spread the word about what they have to offer. That’s the message sent out by the most recent data compiled by E consultancy for the Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, which has indicated that at least two thirds of UK marketers achieved […]

The positive implications of 4G mobile Internet for many email marketing campaigns

Many businesses that regularly draw on email marketing to assist them in spreading the word about what they offer are constantly endeavouring to find new ways of increasing the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Often, technological advances make possible greater innovations in email marketing – and this could certainly prove the case with the […]

Why email marketing can help your company to improve its offering

You might think that you know what the main purpose of email marketing is: to get the word out about your company and its products and/or services to help to ensure that many of the right types of people hear about the company and its products and/or services and so are encouraged to buy from […]

Techniques for Email Marketing UK companies should avoid

Email marketing can be a very effective method of promoting a company and its products and/or services, but only when it is used in very particular ways. Many companies might be naive about exactly what these ways are, but one of the best manners in which they can discern what those ways are is by […]

How your email marketing campaigns can be effectively optimised for mobile devices

One statistic that hasn’t been attracting nearly as much attention as it should be is that nearly half of all marketing emails are now being read on mobile devices. This means that, when you send an email marketing campaign with the help of the easy-to-use email marketing services from Rake Mail, the marketing emails sent […]

Five rules for email marketing UK musicians could benefit from

Among recently published books is one written by David Hooper called Six-Figure Musician, which pledges to teach musicians how they can sell more music, attract more people to their shows and make more money in the music business. However, what particularly caught our eye in the free PDF version of the book were five rules […]

Email Marketing UK – it’s all in the statistics

An introduction to the statistics and reporting features of Rake Mail software You may have heard of many of the advantages of email marketing UK, and the fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are interested in using our leading software here at Rake Mail to increase the results that you get from your […]

Make your Email Marketing Efforts Count

Is email marketing right for your business? If you’re one of those business owners who have heard of email marketing but have always dismissed it as ‘spam’, then you may be missing out on a potentially very powerful way of attracting new customers and engaging old ones. However, even we wouldn’t pretend that sending out mass emails […]

Vital tips to bear in mind about your email marketing

Vital things to bear in mind about your email marketing campaign So, you’ve invested in our renowned email marketing software package here at Rake Mail, and you have seemingly every feature you need in order to not only sell, but sell in big numbers. Does this, however, guarantee success as soon as you start sending out those […]