Email Marketing UK – it’s all in the statistics

An introduction to the statistics and reporting features of Rake Mail software

Email Marketing Statisics

Email Marketing Statisics

You may have heard of many of the advantages of email marketing UK, and the fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are interested in using our leading software here at Rake Mail to increase the results that you get from your online marketing campaign. But with so many features to look at, you might appreciate us shedding some light on just one aspect of our software… the statistics and reporting side.

In the past, you might have invested all of that money and time into a traditional mail shot, only to have no real idea whether it was working. Sure, you might have noticed an upturn in your sales shortly after your campaign, but for all you knew, it could have been a certain special offer or discount that did the trick… or maybe it was just a time of year when an upshot in demand tends to occur. Nor could you determine how many people even opened your letter, or whether a non-sale could be attributed to poor targeting of prospective customers or perhaps some other reason, such as writing that failed to adequately communicate what your company had to offer.

Remove the mystery!

Thankfully, things aren’t as desperate when you choose Rake Mail software for your email marketing UK. That’s because our full range of statistics and reporting features include email open reporting, which tells you how many people received and then opened your email, while link click tracking allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your email links. Other features include Google Analytics integration, which makes you fully aware of your marketing campaign’s visits, goals and eCommerce conversions.

Those are just a few of the statistics and reporting features that we explain in more detail on our Rake Mail Marketing Features page – so why not take a look yourself to see just how much more effective your email marketing campaign could be?


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