How your email marketing campaigns can be effectively optimised for mobile devices

Emails for Mobile DevicesOne statistic that hasn’t been attracting nearly as much attention as it should be is that nearly half of all marketing emails are now being read on mobile devices. This means that, when you send an email marketing campaign with the help of the easy-to-use email marketing services from Rake Mail, the marketing emails sent will be commonly read on smartphones, like iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. Hence, you should be careful to optimise any email marketing campaigns for mobile devices – and, thankfully, here at Rake Mail, we can educate you on two particular ways in which you can.

Consider image sizes

You should consider, for example, that download speeds are slower on mobile devices. Hence, you don’t want your marketing emails to include images that would take a long time to load on such devices, as having to wait for such images to load could deter people viewing your emails on mobile devices from waiting to see what your emails have to say. Hence, make sure that any images that you do include in your marketing emails are sufficiently small but not hugely sacrificed in quality.

Use responsive email designs

Many emails might not display well on mobile devices; indeed, many email designs might be too wide to view fully on such devices without any pinching or zooming. Such designs therefore could deter your potential customers from reading your marketing emails. Hence, you should use responsive email designs in your email marketing campaigns. Such designs automatically adjust to the viewer’s screen size and thus the use of them for the emails sent as part of your email marketing campaign would ensure that these emails could be viewed just as well on mobile devices as on desktop and laptop computers.

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