Simple Email Marketing

It’s one thing to create and send out emails that you believe to be relevant and engaging for your prospective customers, but it’s quite another thing to be sure that it is the most effective email marketing campaign. The good news is that it’s all possible with our software’s statistics and reporting features.

Those that are still dependent on traditional postal mail shots are reduced to waiting for a boost in their sales and hoping that such a change is the result of an effective email marketing campaign. However, those that make use of the effective email marketing software of Rake Mail have no such restrictions, as they are able to track details of their campaign and fine-tune their strategy accordingly.

Track email delivery and email open information

Whereas direct mail leaves you with no chance of knowing how many recipients have received and opened the mail, the email marketing software of Rake Mail has a Statistics tab from which you can track not only who opened your email, but when, in chart format as well as in a list of contacts.

This allows you the luxury of contacting those subscribers that you know to have opened the email and who are therefore most likely to be receptive to your firm’s products or services, which makes for a truly effective email marketing campaign.

Track link clicks in your emails

Calls to action are common features of effective email marketing campaigns, with many companies including a link that prospective customers are encouraged to click to find out more information. Rake Mail Email Marketing Software allows you to see which links were clicked, who clicked them and when.

Contacts who click a link in your email are especially likely to be interested in your products or services, which is why it can be a good idea as part of an effective email marketing campaign to use this information to follow up those leads.

Google Analytics integration, email bounce tracking and more

By typing in your Google Analytics details as you’re coordinating your email marketing campaign, a tracking code can be added to all of your email’s links, allowing for full integration for that campaign’s number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversions.

There’s even a feature of our software that automatically handles email bounces, with reports showing the emails that bounced, when and why.

Other features of our effective email marketing software include the ability to see unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign, including the details of each contact to unsubscribe. Finally, you can even determine the extent to which your email marketing campaign went viral, in the form of the details of the contacts who forwarded your email to friends.