Techniques for Email Marketing UK companies should avoid

Email marketing can be a very effective method of promoting a company and its products and/or services, but only when it is used in very particular ways. Many companies might be naive about exactly what these ways are, but one of the best manners in which they can discern what those ways are is by discerning, well, what they aren’t. So, without further ado, here is a list of just two of the techniques for email marketing UK companies should, in their droves, endeavour to avoid.

Using broken dynamic tags in email marketing UK campaigns

Dynamic tags, used well in email marketing UK campaigns, can help many companies throughout the country to establish healthy relationships with potential customers by addressing customers by their first names and even sometimes referring to customers’ companies by their names. However, if the dynamic tags used in email marketing UK campaigns are broken and so appear in forms like ‘FirstName’ and ‘CompanyName’, this can lead many people who receive the emails sent as part of the campaigns to unfavourably view the companies being promoted. Hence, companies using dynamic tags as part of email marketing UK campaigns should routinely send test emails to ensure that the tags are not broken before starting any such campaigns.

Failing to effectively optimise email marketing UK campaigns for mobile devices

There are currently millions of mobile devices being used throughout the country; furthermore, it is anticipated that, by 2014, worldwide the Internet will be used more commonly through mobile devices than desktop computers. Hence, any company that fails to effectively optimise its email marketing UK campaigns for mobile devices could be needlessly shooting itself in the foot with regard to its promotional efforts. Indeed, learning how to so optimise such campaigns now will save many companies having to do so later.

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