The positive implications of 4G mobile Internet for many email marketing campaigns

Many businesses that regularly draw on email marketing to assist them in spreading the word about what they offer are constantly endeavouring to find new ways of increasing the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Often, technological advances make possible greater innovations in email marketing – and this could certainly prove the case with the recent arrival in the UK of what is commonly referred to as 4G mobile Internet. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

Greater speed makes possible more advanced email marketing campaigns

As 4G mobile Internet speeds can often be much faster than 3G mobile Internet speeds, they can make possible email marketing campaigns much more advanced than most email marketing campaigns currently being used by many UK businesses. Such much more advanced email marketing campaigns could, for example, often use video, which, over 4G speeds, could load much more promptly than it would over 3G speeds and so not leave people viewing the promotional emails using such video often feeling exasperated at having to wait long for such video to fully load.

Many more people are likely to start using 4G mobile Internet

EE, currently the UK’s only provider of 4G services, recently revealed that almost 320,000 customers have signed up for its 4G services since they were launched in October. Furthermore, the number of people in the UK using 4G services is likely to sharply increase later this year, after EE’s competitors launch their own 4G services. All of this means that UK businesses that now develop email marketing campaigns that can take great advantage of 4G services are likely to find such campaigns increasingly beneficial, as the year progresses, for helping them to spread the word about what they offer. Many UK businesses should take note and could especially benefit from Rake Mail’s email marketing services

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