Through using email marketing UK firms are still reaping great results

It’s official: by using email marketing UK companies of great numbers are continuing to cost-effectively spread the word about what they have to offer. That’s the message sent out by the most recent data compiled by E consultancy for the Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, which has indicated that at least two thirds of UK marketers achieved good or excellent return on investment, often commonly referred to as ROI, through their email marketing UK campaigns throughout the preceding year. Only search engine optimisation, according to the data, achieved better ROI for UK firms over the same period.

There are many different benefits of email marketing UK campaigns

Using email marketing UK campaigns can have many different benefits above many other promotional methods for a great number and range of UK businesses. It is, for example, a highly adaptable promotional method; the use of email is only likely to become more and more widespread over the next few years and so, regardless of whether emails are mainly viewed through desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, tablet computers or, indeed, any other types of devices, email marketing UK campaigns can remain effective. Furthermore, email marketing UK campaigns can often be very cheap and quick to run.

How Rake Mail can assist in the running of effective email marketing UK campaigns

Though even many relatively basic email marketing UK campaigns can be surprisingly effective, there are many good reasons why Rake Mail can assist in the creation of email marketing UK campaigns that can prove especially effective. For example, using only a list of email addresses and Rake Mail’s easy to use email marketing UK software, a UK business can easily create, send and track their first email marketing UK campaign in no more than 15 minutes. Rake Mail’s email marketing UK services really are that useful!

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