Using email marketing UK mobile operator EE could spread its ‘inspiring’ message

The UK mobile network operator EE recently revealed its plans to adopt a more proactive social marketing strategy aimed at “inspiring” more people to take up its much-publicised 4G mobile Internet services. It should hardly be surprising that the company wish to create a marketing campaign that is at least a little bit special, given that it aims to triple its 4G customer base by 2014. Furthermore, EE could help to so create such a campaign through clever use of email marketing UK campaigns.

EEs plans for a more inspiring social message

This change in EE’s social marketing strategy was recently explained to UK online marketing magazine Marketing Week by EE’s head of digital and social Ben Kay, who indicated that the transition would occur over the coming months. He explained that “The customer support function is always going to be there but if we focus solely on that I think we’re missing a tremendous opportunity”, adding that “What you’ll see is us generating a lot of content that will inspire people to share their experiences and interacting with our online communities is going to be a big part of that”.

How clever email marketing UK campaigns can help EE

EE has already taken steps towards such a transition through, for example, creating its “Fenton spoof video” which launched last year and, according to Kay, has already received 4.5 million shares across several social networks. However, clever email marketing UK campaigns could assist EE in developing upon this success. Such email marketing UK campaigns could see the sending of promotional emails that, for example, link to content like the “Fenton spoof video” or perhaps even directly embed it within the bodies of the emails before inviting the recipients of the emails to share such content over popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

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