Vital tips to bear in mind about your email marketing

Vital things to bear in mind about your email marketing campaign

So, you’ve invested in our renowned email marketing software package here at Rake Mail, and you have seemingly every feature you need in order to not only sell, but sell in big numbers. Does this, however, guarantee success as soon as you start sending out those emails? The answer is definitely not, because there’s so much else left to do where you can really make the difference.

Even before you start writing, consider how many emails you will be sending out, and of what nature. Rest assured that you’d be better off sending out 100 emails that have been tailored to individual customers, than 1,000 emails that are completely generic, and that just imply that you are seeking maximum sales for hardly any effort.

Useful email writing tips

When you come to write the email, spend plenty of time figuring out a really effective subject line, as this has a huge influence on whether people simply delete your email at first glance, or actually give it a closer look – and with Rake Mail’s email open reporting feature, you’ll know for sure whether they did or didn’t.

Indeed, the sheer immediacy of email is incredibly important to remember as you are crafting its text, as you only have seconds in which to grab the prospective customer’s attention. The length and structure of the email are also key – don’t write more than 400-500 words, but keep those main elements, such as an introduction, central paragraph and conclusion, in place so that it’s all still easy to read. Don’t forget to include a link to a more detailed page at the end of your email, as it’s those potential customers that have reached the end of your text that are especially likely to want to investigate further.

Build momentum, make the email exciting and state from the beginning what exactly you are offering, in keeping with the immediate nature of this format. There’s no need to frustrate your readers!

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