Why Rake Mail

Are you convinced about the business case for email marketing compared to traditional sales and marketing methods, such as the time-honoured postal mail shot? Is business email marketing truly going to bring you the right return on your investment, and how do you even know whether it’s effective?

Well, the business email marketing software of Rake Mail goes far beyond the mere sending out of large numbers of newsletters. After all, with the traditional mail shot, you’re forced to invest potentially great amounts of time, energy and money, with the cost of the design, printing, envelopes and stamps all needing to be considered. And how can you be sure that people are really taking an interest as a result, and that any subsequent upturn in business is really due to your marketing campaign, rather than certain other factors?

Business email marketing that brings you a real ROI

It is in order to eliminate the sense of lottery in generating a truly effective and targeted sales and marketing campaign that we have developed our industry-leading business email marketing software. With us, you can see who, from your extensive list of email addresses, has actually opened your email, as well as whether they have done so once or on multiple occasions. What’s more, it’s possible to determine which of these potential customers has clicked on any link in your email to find out more information.

All of this makes Rake Mail business email marketing software an exceedingly powerful tool in the growth of your business – and of course, it’s all so efficient in its use of your time, money and energy. For less than £100, you can get in touch with 10,000 people, having designed your own great-looking mail shot in minutes using our simple business email marketing software – perhaps by selecting one of our pre-existing templates and merely filling in the blanks with text and images. Plus, as it’s email, there isn’t even anything to print.

Get in touch with Rake Mail today to get started with a business email marketing campaign that really is risk-free, easy to use and proven as a means of giving you a real return on your investment.